Construction Specialties Adds New Louver and Expansion Joint Cover Products

November 29, 2021 - by commARCH
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Construction Specialties Adds New Louver and Expansion Joint Cover Products

Construction Specialties recently introduced two new louver advancements and three new expansion joint covers to its product line that ensure specifiers can accommodate movement in and around commercial structures.

Louver Advancements
CS louvers are among the most dependable on the market, allowing buildings to breathe from the outside in and protecting them from the elements.
RS-5800 Model — Engineered for coastal areas and other areas with a higher risk of extreme weather, this vertically designed louver is a direct response to a rise in damaging weather events and increasingly rigorous building codes. With an impressive 54% free area, it is AMCA 540 certified, meeting stringent impact-resistance criteria to protect against airborne debris without its blades detaching from its frame. It has also been tested to meet AMCA 550 standards, withstanding wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour and up to 8" of rain per hour.

Louver Blank-Off — Blank-offs can be applied to the back of nearly any louver system to meet occupant requirements, transforming an active louver to an inactive louver as needed. Designed to fortify against water intrusion, this accessory utilizes a hydrophobic mineral wall that is flame resistant — it meets ASTM E 84 (UL 723) — and is reliably factory sealed. Additionally, the blank-off may be removed at any time to transition back to an active louver if the occupant needs change. Bird or insect screens can be added for extra protection. Blank-off panels come in a standard size range from 1" to 3" deep, but can be custom engineered based on project requirements.

New Expansion Joint Cover Models

These three new expansion joint covers — for interior walls and ceilings, exterior walls, and roofs — accommodate the four main types of building movement: thermal movement, wind sway, seismic activity, and building settlement.

LAF-2G — A redesign of CS’s popular LAF system, the LAF-2G provides a seamless aesthetic, ease of installation, and dependable performance. This interior wall or ceiling joint cover is made with an anodized aluminum side frame and a metal panel that is primed for field painting, to match or complement adjacent surroundings. It can accomodate 4"-24" joint openings, disguising larger expansion joints with a clean finish. Its major improvement lies in its magnetic system that creates a larger field of attachment, replacing traditional hook and loop systems and making installation easier and more efficient. Additionally, the new LAF-2G is engineered with a thicker mud and tape flange. This makes it easier for contractors to conceal screw heads, and it incorporates a new carabiner system that expedites installation. The panels disengage with lateral movement and are retained with a shock cord. After a seismic event, the panels can be reset into place easily with the new magnet system, saving facilities time and hassle and allowing them to reopen for operation more quickly.

XLS-2G/XLP-2G — This exterior wall model has been upgraded to accommodate even larger exterior joint openings up to 8"-24". The frames are installed with the hinges mounted and have adjustable joints to accommodate fluctuations in field tolerances. One of the biggest improvements is its modular system, meaning installation is complete in just three steps: install the frames, drop the door in place, and adjust the hinge. CS can manufacture the XLS/XLP-2G to exacting specifications, but it can also be disassembled and cut to length on the jobsite to accommodate different field tolerances if needed. Additionally, this exterior model can seamlessly integrate or contrast with any aesthetic by offering infill options of glass, stone veneer, plaster, metal panel, or sheet metal. The new XLS/XLP-2G is designed for high-end facades, disguising the joint and delivering utmost performance without disrupting the design of the building.

LSRR-LSRW — This roof expansion joint model can accommodate 12"-30" openings. It is made with a robust base frame and a ridgid tension compression slider that keeps the cover in place even with intense wind forces or snow loads. Its versatile lateral slider adapts when tension compression movement happens, accommodating for varying movement and both lateral slip and slide.

Where can you learn more?
To learn more about these new products, head to

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