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commARCH is owned and operated by IdeaSoil, a cutting-edge audience engagement company capable of leveraging the multi-platform content opportunities that exist today.

As a leading publication in the commercial construction industry, commARCH boasts a deep understanding on how to connect with and grow key audiences through industry experience, and a proven ability to turn big ideas into reality within the built-environment media space.

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EQUITY is, by Alex Brito

EQUITY is a commARCH series designed to promote needed conversations.

Sweetwater by NELSON Worldwide

Spread across 26,800 square feet, the new store was designed to drive traffic and sales, build brand loyalty, and engage customers from the moment they step inside.

FGIA Welcomes Technical Training Specialist Aaron Blom

Blom will be responsible for conducting and developing FGIA’s professional education and technical training programs.

Danfoss Announces Five-Year Partnership with FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Danfoss will fund scholarships and provide research opportunities for faculty and students at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.

Trex Commercial Aids in Completion of Shamrock Zone at K-State's Stadium

Trex Commercial played a key role in this project providing 3,867 linear feet of custom fabricated railing for Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Kansas State University.

MBH Architects Creates a New Uptown Station in Oakland

The responsible repurposing of a dilapidated building into one with true value for the local community and businesses without the traditional tear down approach.

Case Study: Hilton Aventura Miami

Created by Prime Design with lighting by Prizm Lighting, the entrance prepares guests for a multitude of luxuries.

Gensler Adds Local Culture and Flair to Workplaces, Inside and Out

Artwork designed on the office building façade creates a more engaging streetscape, and murals featured prominently inside the workplace add personality and locality to the space.

Digital Twin Technologies & the Future of the Built Environment | cA Weekly - Full Transcript

In this episode, commARCH has a dialogue with Jason Pelski, of Johnson Controls, Robert Bray, of Autodesk, and Dan Isaacs, of the Digital Twin Consortium, to discuss the possibilities offered by new digital twin technologies to enhance the full pipeline of AEC projects.

MoSaC’s new planetarium dome showcases RHEINZINK zinc roof tiles

Renovations to Sacramento's Museum of Science and Curiosity allow ample space for STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art, and math – programming and exhibits. The new two-story, 22,000-square-foot addition contains the museum’s classrooms, offices, a café, and the 120-seat planetarium.

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Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Walls in Industrial Buildings

Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Walls in Industrial Buildings

Kingspan partnered with Kieran Timberlake to quantify how Kingspan can reduce embodied carbon in industrial buildings.